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bodyshock total reducer

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Easily absorbed, light texture, reducing effect moisturizing cream that contributes to decreasing persistent cellulite 200 ml. Its composition stimulates the mobilisation of fat and reduces the formation of new deposits by acting on three levels:

– Preventive action: avoids the growth and accumulation of fat cells in the tissue.

– Corrective action: improves the metabolism and reduces the size of the fat cells in the tissue.

– Revitalizing action: enhances the general appearance of the tissue, restoring its firmness and hydration.

Bodyshock is a powerful professional treatment that fights against cellulite, regardless of its nature and degree of advancement, localised fat and flaccidity. Specifically designed for treating aesthetic alterations in legs, buttocks, abdomen, sides, arms, double chin and breasts.


Active Ingredients




How to use

Apply bodyshock total reducer in the morning to the area to be treated using an upward circular massage movement on clean, dry skin; focus on areas where there is a greater accumulation of fat. Its efficacy is enhanced if applied after an activity that increases circulation; for instance, after showering or performing physical activity.