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BodyShock Slimming Treatment

What is bodyshock?

Bodyshock or slimming is one of the most advanced Body sculpting treatment, helping to eliminate cellulite and accumulated fat in the world of aesthetics, developed by the international Mesoestetic laboratory.

It is a method that we have in SO GUAPA BEAUTY EXPERT. Combined with the latest intelligent equipment (radiofrequency, cavitation, lipo laser) we apply it in several sessions, to achieve greater effectiveness.

The Bodyshock anti-cellulite treatment is also combined with massages by the hand of professionals, to achieve greater mobility of the tissues that offer quick and visible results in the elimination of fat and cellulite.

what does bodyshock® consist of?

bodyshock® is a personalized topical treatment that combines 10 in-cabin sessions and a home protocol tailored to the needs of each patient to maximize results.

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