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Post-surgery recovery

What is a postoperative message?

A postoperative massage is a gentle form of massage that increases blood flow and promotes recovery by being especially focused on the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps process waste and absorb fluids.

How do recover from surgery quickly?

After surgery, these fluids can be tolerated, which is often painful. A postoperative massage prevents and treats this hardening of fluids by reducing inflammation and promoting circulation in the affected area.

When and how many massage sessions after a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty?

Surgeons recommend that you have lymphatic drainage massage within the first 5 days of surgery, although you may still see good results if you book your treatment for a later stage of your recovery. It is beneficial to have multiple massages to help stimulate your lymphatic system.

Benefits of postoperative rehabilitation treatments

  • Soft Tissue Repair: Therapists can help promote circulation and blood flow to the area to be torn, so nutrients will easily reach the areas to be healed.
  • Less scar tissue: as therapists relax the muscle, it becomes more flexible, which helps reduce scarring, promoting healing and regeneration of delicate areas after tears.
  • Accelerated Healing – With better circulation and access to nutrients, plus an overall reduction in stress, your body will recover faster.

Post-surgical compression girdles and their advantages

In order for the objective of liposuction to be fulfilled, it is absolutely essential that the patient uses a support girdle, to help make recovery easier and speed up the process of shaping the body figure. The girdle consists of a garment that combines fabric and elastic fabric, to exert constant pressure on certain areas of the body.

The girdle helps to generate pressure on the skin, reducing bruising and inflammation, preventing the formation of stagnant fluids and improving blood circulation. Likewise, it helps the healing of the small incisions through which the fat is extracted and prevents sagging of the skin.

Speed ​​up the recovery process

The use of the girdle is recommended for a period of between one and three months after the operation. In fact, if the girdle is not worn during the first 15 days after the operation, inflammations can arise that affect the intervened area and cause alterations in the desired silhouette.

During this period of time, the postoperative girdle should be in place 24 hours a day, and should only be removed to shower.

In addition to the pressure exerted on the area where the liposuction was performed, girdles also provide general support for the entire body, provide comfort and help to obtain a better aesthetic effect.

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