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Bodyshock local reducer

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Easily absorbed, light texture, thermal effect slimming gel specifically designed for treating skin with fat deposits in the most stubborn areas of the body: love handles, hips, arms… it helps eliminate fatty tissue and improves skin’s smoothness and elasticity, giving it a firmer appearance.
Due to its heat-reducing characteristics, a feeling of intense heat or stinging may be noticed after application on the area it is applied to. This effect will vary depending on the person, day or time at which it is applied. This feeling is due to the action of the active ingredients on the area, which promote the elimination of adipose tissue and inhibit the growth capacity of fatty nodules. The phenomenon is temporary and should not be confused with intolerance reactions to the product or allergies.


Bodyshock is a powerful professional treatment that fights against cellulite, regardless of its nature and degree of advancement, localised fat and flaccidity. Specifically designed for treating aesthetic alterations in legs, buttocks, abdomen, sides, arms, double chin, and breasts.

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