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Cosmelan by Mesoestetic

Cosmelan® is the professional depigmenting method that comprehensively removes the most severe and resistant stains with maximum efficiency and safety.

The cosmelan® method has an exclusive combination of active ingredients with guaranteed efficacy that provides a unique and dual mechanism of action, for short- and long-term results:

  • Corrective Action: Visibly removes and fades blemishes.
  • Regulatory action: regulates the overproduction of pigment to prevent the reappearance of the stain.

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cosmelan pack - So guapa
cosmelan® pack

How long does cosmelan treatment last?

The aesthetic doctor applies Cosmelan 1 as a mask in the area to be treated. This application lasts between 20 and 30 minutes, and the patient must wear the mask for 8 hours. After this time, the patient removes the mask with the products included in the pack.

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