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Faja – Hourglass Model Medium Thigh with High Hips Capacity



Girdle half leg, free breasts, designed to enhance the figure of women with GUITAR BODY or HOURGLASS, allowing control and shaping areas such as the back, lower abdomen, medium and high, waist and hips; can be used for recovery post-surgical, since it contributes to get the desired results. Without However, it is recommended medical supervision to determine its use, according to the stage of Recovery.

It has a compression level high, back and armhole covered, which allows control of the rolls that are form in this area.
Thanks to its design and supplies, it has a MAXI hip capacity, which makes it ideal for curvy women pronounced, enhancing in a way natural your buttocks. Also has with adjustable shoulder, has 4 levels hook-and-loop fastener for progressive adjustment to measure.